What constitutes a “humanitarian project”?

“Humanitarian Project” can mean a range of things.  In our case we are looking for projects that work towards certain outcomes such as:

  • the creation of jobs,
  • the improvement of job conditions and employee benefits,
  • the cleaning of the Environment,
  • the development and implementation of healthy and clean drinking water solutions,
  • the development and manufacture of clean energy solutions,
  • the development and production of clean and more efficient transportation solutions,
  • the support of healthy and naturally sustainable food production,
  • the development and implementation of sustainable and holistic housing solutions,
  • the provision for the basic needs of those in society who are in need, such as Elders, children, disabled or sick and others deemed in need of short or long term assistance of whatever kind,
  • the support of existing social services that are currently well used but under funded and so not meeting the needs in our communities,
  • and whatever humanitarian needs you can identify and one of our funding sources is willing to support.

Both for profit and not for profit businesses will be funded, so if you think that your project is of value to humanity and you need funding to either start it or to expand what you are already doing then submit your project and we will do what we can to help you match up with a funding source.