Status update from FT as at 10Nov2016

Wiley and I want to give a status update from Friends Transmuting to make clear a couple of points:

Firstly, we only started Friends Transmuting and this associated website in around January of 2015 because we expected at that time that we had a solid funding source for small to large humanitarian projects.  The following weeks saw many delays and explanations that sometimes sounded legitimate and sometimes suspicious.  The long story short is that we recently discovered that one of the main sources of funding that we were expecting to come good turned out to be a basic con man using the story of a large Trust as a way to make money to live on.  It was not an easy matter to work out whether he was legitimate or not, but now it is very unlikely that he is anything other than a basic con man trying to make a living on the hopes of good people around the world looking to fund good projects.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we do still have other options that we are pursuing.  I do not see anything, yet, for the short term.  It looks like the earliest we might have humanitarian type funding from the best source we are working with right now is perhaps sometime in 2018.

As neither Wiley Morgan nor I are prone to pump people up with lies we both wanted to share this update so that those who make their way here know that we are not pretending to have project funding soon.  We want the funding for our own projects as much as you want funding for yours, but we call it like we see it.  Right now we don’t have a funding solution available and want to make that clear here.  When we do we will put the word out here and to everyone who has approached us already.

Many ask us what we think about other options presenting themselves as sources for humanitarian project funding.  We would prefer not to comment on them as we don’t have any verifiable information to say whether they are legitimate or not.  We watch with interest and both of us work within our private networks to ascertain whether we can expect to see funding come from those sources or not.  If we see movement with those sources we will likely suggest here that people contact that particular source to get their project funded.  As it stands we have not seen anyone do more than talk about what is meant to come “soon”.

with Friends Transmuting,