Gwen Caldwell is offering workshops again

Gwen Caldwell business plan workshops at Medicine Horse VillageWorkshops provided by Gwen Caldwell

Gwen Caldwell of Medicine Horse Village, Gwen Caldwell business plan workshops is offering workshops to assist those working on humanitarian project submissions.

Gwen’s workshops will provide you with the necessary tools and information to decide on a project, forming your business structure, writing your business plan or project proposal and give you an opportunity to network with others who have a shared vision of creating a new paradigm.

These workshops offer follow up support meetings to answer questions, stay connected and provide support through the process of developing  your project.

Gwen charges a modest $50 USD for her 5 hour long intensive workshops.  If you do not have experience with creating business plans, or if you are wanting help clarifying what you want to do with your project Gwen’s workshop may be a great help.

with Friends Transmuting,

Mark Hoza



As at 15June2015 there aren’t any workshops scheduled, but you can contact Gwen via her site.