We wish to assist man, woman and associations to attract funding and other resources required to help make their humanitarian project a success.

Friends Transmuting
Together, we are...

Friends Transmuting

Who is FT working with?

Friends Transmuting is working with a range of funding sources from private individuals and private groups and Trustees.  In some cases we may suggest that you work with another funding source than those we have available to us.  As there are many variables; we will make recommendations on a case by case basis.

Which types of projects?

Our funding sources are primarily looking to fund projects that have a humanitarian element, but “for profit” projects and businesses may also be considered.  Projects focused on money making without consideration for humanity and the environment are not likely to attract funding from our sources.

What is a "humanitarian project"?

“Humanitarian Project” is a term used for a wide range of project types.  Some desirable elements of humanitarian projects are:  jobs creation, improved quality of life, cleaning or protection of the Natural Environment, clean energy solutions, nourishing and sustainable housing solutions, clean transportation solutions, and basically anything that makes life better for humans and the environment.

Step 1:

The first step is to submit your project on this site by filling out the submission form.  You will need:

  • Key project details and Executive Sumary highlighting the humanitarian benefits of your project.
  • CIS (Client Information Sheet) details and copies of passports for the key people in the project.
  • A business plan outlining the project, including how much funding the project requires.

Step 2:

Once you have submitted your project we will review it and contact you to suggest changes, recommend which funding option/s might be most appropriate for your project and then decide with you which option to take.

We are hoping to have some funding for a support team to help people through this stage, but in the beginning we will do our best with what people and time we can commit to assisting you.

Step 3:

Once we agree that your project submission is ready to forward to one of our funding sources we will do what is required of that source in order to propose your project to them for funding.  We will work directly with you, to our best ability and within reason, to help you come to an outcome that you prefer.

Friends Transmuting is a project of Parcifal’s Journey Foundation, a humanitarian, not-for-profit, non-government-organisation, unincorporated association.

Friends Transmuting

a project of Parcifal's Journey Foundation, an n.g.o. unincorporated association
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