Update on funds availability and Project Submission Template

We have been notified that we will need to submit projects according to a Template that the United Nations will be providing one of our primary funding sources.  We hope to receive this template soon, and will supply it here when we have it to work with.  Until then we have the project submission form turned off as anything that we have received to date will need to be re-submitted to the new format in any case.

I have been told that we can expect the first projects funds going out from mid August 2015 now.  Anyone who has already submitted a project will need to re-submit using the UN Template when we have it.  Projects that can be based out of the Philippines will be the easiest to get set up.  Other countries will also flow quickly I’m told, but if you can work from the Philippines you will have some priority.

There are a large amount of funds set aside for the Indigenous populations of the world.  Special focus is also given to any project helping with more life threatening type issues, but really we will be pushing to get all projects that we have come through us funded quickly.  It does look like “quickly” may be sometime in August.

Keep on high alert now as funding is now secured and moving into the accounts that will be used to fund projects.  Anything that I can do to clear up procedures and what we can expect I’ll do here.  There’s a fair amount that I am not able to say publicly at this stage.  Suffice it to say that we are now looking very very good.  The first project is yet to be funded, but I believe that we are going to see the start here in August, at long last.

Thank you for your patience,